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Friday, June 29, 2012

Ovirt USB redirection


I saw the below in Ovirt installation documents, and I running win7_64 on my virtual machine, however I plug USB flash in client's USB port, my virtual machine still can't see USB device, is there any package I missout? someone can help? many thsnks.

By the way I already install spice-guest-tools-0.1.exe on my Win7 from spice home page, is there other pachage I should install as well?

1.1.2. About SPICE

The SPICE protocol allows the virtual machine to connect to the host with physical PC-like graphics

performance. It supplies video at more than 30 frames per second, bi-directional audio (for softphones/

IP phones), bi-directional video (for video telephony/video conferencing) and USB redirection

from the client's USB port into the virtual machine. SPICE also supports connection to multiple

monitors with a single virtual machine.