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Friday, June 29, 2012

LaserJet won't print from DirectJet 310x and Kubuntu 12.04

It often doesn't print using the USB connection. I found an old thread that mentions a print file that no longer is used, though there is a man ref. I ran nran lpinfo -v and sent output to a text file. Results:

network beh

network lpd

network socket

network ipps

network https

network ipp

network http

network smb

direct hp

direct hpfax

network dnssd://HP%20LaserJet%203330%20(0001E692B862)._printer._tcp.local/

network dnssd://HP%20LaserJet%203330%20(0001E692B862)._pdl-datastream._tcp.local/

network dnssd://HP%20LaserJet%203330%20(0001E692B862)._ipp._tcp.local/

network socket://

I understand the final socket entry and most of the short ones, but the rest are over my head.

it doesn't