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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ubunto 10.04 versus 12.04 not too bad as I see it, but needs more work


Hi all. I am a retired IT Professional and I've run Ubuntu since Version 7 or 8. I've dual booted them with XP and Vista and Windows 7.

I've tried to run Ubuntu terminal with suggested open source applications and became frustrated with applications that don't work and gave up in frustration, using Ubuntu only for research purposes (surfing) only. My only success is installing Avast for Linux and getting a memory errors and crashing. I noted the error, Googeled it,found a suggestion on how to fix it. It suggested I load a Bash script in terminal and it worked. I have tried to burn ISO files only to have it fail. I have 2 machines, on one I run Ubuntu 12.04 on a Dell Pentiium IV, with a 60 GB HD and a 850 mhz processor. Ubuntu 10.04 ran smooth as silk. It ran Firefox and Chrome and was great. I updated to Ubuntu 12.04 and it's a crap shoot.

My prime machine is a HP dual core 2500 GHZ 500GB HD that I dual boot with Windows 7. I've tried doing stiff like burning, copying CD's and DVD's to no avail. For me Ubuntu is only good for surfing. I applaud the developers for their good work, but it's just not ready for "Prime time" as far as I'm concerned. Though once it saved my ass. I was having issues with Windows 7 booting and I had to pay a bill online. With 10.05 I was able to pay my bill and avoid some late charges. Being retired, I haven't stopped studying and trying to grow

and I'll keep trying to master Linux.

Best Wishes,