RedHat iTOps Tube

Monday, May 14, 2012


I had packages firefox, google and a few others such as cssed installed,hplip, and printer H.P working after running hp-setup .

I then ran slackpkg upgrade-all.

Google web browser working and just about everything else.However

firefox web browser icon disappeared from menu, printer now doesn't work..

"firefox" typed at cli gives "couldn't load XRE function" and hp-setup command gives "unable to load qt4 support". I suspect it may have been the affect of google in the update. tried doing a build of qt4 from slackbuilds and it failed.

Since most of my box is working, i can get by and don;'t want to do a fresh install. lets take it as a learning curve.

It looks like libraries have been displaced.var/log/removed scripts show a lot of changes where do I start?

I guess the critical thing to fix is my printer.went to hp dot com, there doesn't seem to be a hplip for slackware. the one I had was from a configure, make,make install of hplip-3.9.10-i486-1