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Monday, May 14, 2012

Ns2measure Configuration (ns-2.33, Debian)

Good day.

I have tried to use the ns2measure framework in order to plot & analyze my simulation results (that is, WiMax mesh networking). Yet it just does not produce any useful output. As the readme says, one should run the sequentially with the options run, conf, stat. When I try ./ run, it just produces multiple complaints like this:


test-350000 ./ line 151: [: too many arguments

./ line 153: [: too many arguments

./ line 155: [: too many arguments

./ line 151: [: too many arguments

Any further tries to make ./ conf and so on are helpless. An article from the authors ("ns2measure command-line utilities manual") gives a hint that the is something like this config file, but that file is just useless. The scarcity of documentation is tremendously frustrating. :banghead:

So I wonder, how should I config this (or where do I find suitable configs). Thanks in advance. - the file - the readme

PS: Ns2.33, Debian Wheezy 64-bit, and the regular simulation works fine.