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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

installating slackware help

Hi first of all sorry about my english :(

im trying to install slackware via usb so i ve downloaded slakware 12.2 from the internet and i managed to make my 8 gb flahdisk bootable using universal usb program , i booted my hp mini making usb first boot device , slackware boots great.

logged as root ,i ve used cfdisk i ve made 2 partitions

/dev/sda1 (swap partition 800 mib)

/dev/sda2 (linux partition 30 gb where slackware suposed to be installed )

/dev/sdb1 (my 8 gb flashdisk contain slackware installation files )

i could not find the path to my usb 8 gb where the slacware directoy is located ,i ve never done this im new to linux please i need step by step explanation thank in advance.