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Monday, May 7, 2012

How to put 6 hours of video onto DVD like standalone DVD recorder in EP mode

Been having some difficulties in creating a DVD with 4 hours and 6 hours of video. I have a standalone DVD writer, and with it I can record in three different modes, SP, LP and EP. These give me 2 hours of video, 4 hours of video, and 6 hours of video on a standard 4.7GB DVD. Can't I use Linux software to do the same thing? I have ffmpeg and can convert the video files into the right format, but I have had problems getting a DVD builder software to build the DVD so that I can burn it. The software crashes, repeatedly, even with the latest OS release...or it does not allow me to put videos that will be more than about 120 min total running time. Note that I know that there are posts with people saying you will get horrible video with 4 hours, and worse with 6 hours of video on a 4.7GB DVD. BUT I INSIST that it is fine for me on my standard definition television connected to my standalone DVD player. In fact, I regularly use 6 hours of video on a 4.7GB DVD.

DVDStyler 1.8.2: works for making a 120 min DVD. No option for 4 or 6 hours.

DeVeDe 3.21.0: crashes

Man2DVD: no option or crashes

KDVDCreator: no option or crashes

qdvdauthor 2.01: no option or crashes

tovidGUI: no option or crashes

It is frustrating. Must be for other Linux users too. Not sure what format the standalone DVD recorder uses nor what it does to compress the video, but the formats that I would like to try are 720x480, 352x480, 352x240 with varying bitrates to find out what is similar to the DVD recorder specifications.

I've also tried DVDStyler 2.0.1, but it only allows for 720x480 NTSC, and I have not figured out if I can use ffmpeg to encode video for 4 hours on this resolution.

I was thinking of trying dvdauthor with an xml file, and encoding the video with ffmpeg, though am not familiar enough with the format to do it and the gui applications call dvdauthor anyway. And it is a several step process to manually do it. Eventually, I would like to use the fancier features of the gui applications too.

It would be helpful to have the ffmpeg commands to use to convert video into various formats that will get the 2 hour, 4 hour, and 6 hour DVD video to work. So far, I have just tried:


ffmpeg -target ntsc-dvd

But the man pages does not specify what settings this gives, but it is 720x480 resolution.