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Monday, May 14, 2012

Can openvpn provide truely anonymous web browsing?

I have a paid openvpn service and I am trying to understand some of the basics of network traffic through openvpn. The setup was fairly easy, all of the configuring was done through Gnome's "Network Connections" GUI interface. I was able to sniff my unencrypted wireless traffic, and all the traffic was encrypted and routed through a server elsewhere in the wolrd, as one would expect.

I assumed this sort of network routing would prevent people from determining where the traffic is coming from, but when I use the "locate me" function available at various websites it finds my exact locations without fail. Should this be expected? Am I misunderstanding what sort of protection openvpn provides or is something possibly misconfigured? I understand this isn't a proxy service, just openvpn I guess I thought openvpn provided more than just encrypted traffic.

I have used TOR and PRIVOXY, which I truely's just that at times with these two services ip traffic can quickly slow to a crawl. The benefit I have seen is pretty damn good anonymity....again I am just wondering if I just have a sevre lack of knowledge here...

Thanks in advance